Is your yard Nature & Wildlife friendly?

To some extent, almost every yard or balcony can be a welcoming location for nature. Bird feeders and watering stations, growing plants that have editable berries or nectar rich flowers, water features and undisturbed brush all can be folded into most yard landscape plans.

If you haven’t seen the beauty of the varieties of birds in your area, you are in for a treat! I’ve had great success with two bird feeders, one for black oil sunflower seed which attracts everything from woodpeckers to cardinals to bluebirds; and one for niger seed which attracts flocks of bright yellow and black American Goldfinches and Pine Warblers which look the same, but are a lime green color.

The National Wildlife Foundation has a set of criteria so you can make your own yard a great wildlife habitat. Just click HERE for more information.

Having a perennial stream in my backyard, separating me from fifteen acres of undisturbed wooded floodplain is a major attractor of all kinds of wildlife. For instance,


Then of course, the stream brings all kind of wildlife including river otters in mid winter, beavers, and of course…

largemouth bass
Boy with Bass
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