Welcome to the Creekside Yardboy Advice Blog!

Why am I qualified to offer gardening advice? Because I’ve made the mistakes you can avoid.

In 35 years as a real estate agent, I’ve seen thousands of homes and yards. They ranged from beginner, cookie cutter, “The builder did it and we’re leaving it alone” homes to “Welcome to the Atlanta Botanical Garden!”

When I was a kid, my Dad couldn’t have gotten me to volunteer to cut grass with a gun to my head. When I got into real estate resale’s, I couldn’t help but noticing that the houses that had the best curb appeal and attractive yards and street scapes tended to attract more showings and sold quicker!

On listing appointments at houses with spectacular yards, I’d make conversation with the owners about how they got their yard to be so beautiful. Great sales technique, but since I listened (another great sales technique) I learned and caught the bug.

I had mostly lived in condos or small lot houses, and when I met my wife, she lived in a condo.

Since moving in to our current one acre property (and all the gardening advice will feature a different attribute of my own yard and neighborhood), my wife and I have earned the  Georgia Master Gardener designation, and learned a lot by killing a lot of plants while getting the right ones to grow in the right place.

The advice I offer here is my way to help you learn and avoid some of the problems that I’ve faced and worked out solutions to. Subscribe if you decide it’s a conversation you’d enjoy having.

Just getting familiar with your yard’s potential? A great place to start is by doing a survey! Here’s a link to my post all about how to start.

Ready to attract more birds and wildlife to your property? Here’s a link to take you to my post on how to do that.

Want to identify your weeds and other undesireable plants? Yes, here’s a link for that as well.

As your friendly, neighborhood Creekside Yardboy, I’m here to help you get more joy out of your yard. Hope you enjoy the conversation and please feel free to leave comments. I’ll try to answer any questions on gardening you have (I’m a Georgia Certified Master Gardener, after all!)

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