Added Value Land Newsletter

Learn From Professionals

Do you have questions about your land or land you’d like to buy, but don’t know an expert to help you not to leave money on the table? As a retired land broker, I want to help educate you on all your land related questions. No costs, no obligations.

As a land broker, I specialized in representing the land owner in negotiations with land developers. It seems obvious that professional land developers have access to all the information they can get so they are sure they can make a profit from any investment.

I see my job as making sure the landowner I represented has as much information as I could provide them so they don’t leave any dollars on the table when they sell their land.

I’m retired now, but still have a lot of information to share and excellent connections with working land professionals and the specialists who play important roles in expediting land sales. I’ll be interviewing closing attorneys, surveyors, foresters, engineers, and others to provide you the knowledge you need to… ADD VALUE to your land.